Springpad – quick and easy to take notes and save anything you want to remember

“Springpad is a free application that makes it quick and easy to take notes and save anything you want to remember in one place – from tasks and lists to products, places, movies, recipes and more.” [chrome web store]

Video: Springpad, YouTube

“Everything you save is automatically synchronized and instantly accessible on the web and your phone. Springpad for Chrome adds the additional capability of saving and accessing information even when you’re offline.” [chrome web store]

  • Save:
    – Take quick notes to capture ideas and information;
    – Create tasks and lists to manage your to-dos;
    – Save products, places, movies and more and get instantly enhanced information;
    – Save and access your stuff on the Web and from any Android and iOS device;
    – Use the web clipper and Chrome extension for more ways to save on the Web.
  • Organize:
    – Automatically organize everything in one central place;
    – Create Notebooks to manage separate projects;
    – Easily add tags, flags and alerts.
  • Act:
    – Set reminders for anything you’ve saved;
    – Get things done with links to relevant news, useful information and offers specific to what you’ve saved, including: product reviews, price comparison and price drops; movie show-times, listings, trailers, reviews, rental, ticket and dvd purchase; restaurant reservations, menus, reviews and daily deals -retailer discounts and coupons;
    – Share your stuff with friends and family.
  • Awards:
    – TIME Magazine 50 Best Websites 2010 Winner;
    – PC Magazine The Best Free Software of 2010 Winner.

Learn more about Springpad, the Chrome Extension and our mobile apps at Springpadit.com

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Final Report for Share.TEC Pilot

The report for the Share.TEC pilot Social Software and Web2.0 in Teacher Education and Teacher Training is finished.

Gruber, M. R. (2011). Social Software and Web2.0 in Teacher Education and Teacher Training. Research Report for Share.TEC Pilot. Heerlen, NL: Open University of the Netherlands.

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My top 10 tools and services for teaching and learning

My top 10 social web tools and services are:

  1. Blogger (Blogging)
  2. Wikispaces (Collaborative Writing)
  3. Twitter (Microblogging)
  4. Delicious (Social Bookmarking)
  5. GoogleDocs (Collaborative Writing)
  6. WordPress (Blogging)
  7. Mindmeister (Collaborative Idea Development)
  8. Facebook (Social Networking)
  9. Dropbox (File Sharing)
  10. Flickr (File Sharing)

Find more about Social Web in Education at the SOWEBEDU-Wiki.
You are welcome to join the community!

If you want to Share your top 10 tools to help build the top 100 tools for learining 2011 go to C4LPT. Here you find the emerging Top 100 tools for learning 2011 list.

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Workshops at Studiecentrum Open Universiteit, Eindhoven

On Thursday, 21st April 2011, we had a Share.TEC event about “Het gebruik van digitale collecties leermaterialen” for dutch teachers in service, teacher educators and trainers, and teacher students at the Studiecentrum Open Universiteit in Eindhoven.

Programm of this event

  • Share.TEC (John van der Baaren)
  • Social Web in Teacher Education and Teacher Training (Marion R. Gruber)
  • Wikiwijs (Robert Schuwer)
  • Wrap up (Fred de Vries)

I held a workshop about “Social Web in Teacher Education and Teacher Training”. In this workshop I gave an overview of available web tools and services that are useful for teaching and learning. Together, we identified application scenarios in education and discussed opportunities and limitations of the tools and services for their effective use. The participants shared their experiences and ideas about the use of social web for learning and teaching.

In this presentation I clarified the terms “Social Web”, “Web2.0”, “Social Software”, and “Social Media”. I gave an overview of available web tools and services assigned to different topics. For every topic I mentioned application scenarios for teaching and learning.

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10 Social Media Tools For Learning

I found an interesting blogpost at the eLearning coach weblog about ten social media tools for learning. Each tool –mentioned below– fulfills one of the following criteria (alphabetical listing)

  • encourages collaboration;
  • enables user-generated content or input;
  • provides a way to share;
  • and facilitates informal or formal learning.

10 Social Media Tools for Learning

  1. Audacity (free downloadable software for creating podcasts)
  2. Dimdim (interactive webinars and live presetnations)
  3. Edublogs Campus (blog service)
  4. Elgg (social networking engine and publishing platform)
  5. Google Collaboration Tools (collaborative resouses and tools)
  6. Mindmeister (tool for creating mind maps collaboratively)
  7. TalkShoe (free web-based service to create, join or listen to live interactive presentations)
  8. VoiceThread (multimedia presentation tool)
  9. Wikispaces (wiki service)
  10. Yammer (microblogging service)

Related articles from the eLearning coach:
Social Media And Learning: Interview with Jane Hart
Using Wikis For Learning
Using Podcasts For Learning

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Introduction to Share.TEC portal

For the Share.TEC project the Stockholm University created a video tutorial, which shows how to use the Share.TEC portal and how to find interesting educational resources for teaching and learning.

Share.TEC stands for Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community. This 3-year project (2008-2011) is co-funded by the European Community’s eContentPlus programme. Share.TEC is devoted to foster a stronger digital culture in the teacher education field and to support the development of a European-wide perspective among those working in and with the teacher educaton community.

See the Share.TEC trailer on YouTube.
Visit the Share.TEC portal.
See the Introduction to Share.TEC portal (video tutorial).
Visit the Share.TEC project website.

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10 new useful Twitter tools

Leo Widrich mentioned  10 new Twitter tools that will make your life easier:

  1. The Archivist (to save and analise tweets),
  2. Tweriod (to analyse your followers’ streams, work out when they are online the most and let you know the best time to post your tweets),
  3. ManageFlitter (Twitter account management),
  4. Buffer (simpler and hassle-free solution),
  5. Hashable (to document all the relationships you make on Twitter and other social network),
  6. Qwerly (a place to put all your Twitter contacts and other social networking profiles in one place),
  7. TwileShare (upload and share files on Twitter),
  8. Twoolr (gives you detailed statistics about everything happening around your Twitter account),
  9. Deck.ly (to send longer posts),
  10. Proxlet (allows you to mute certain tweets without unfollowing the person altogether).

[Weblog Six Revisions, Useful Information for Web Developers & Designers]

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