Introduction to Share.TEC portal

For the Share.TEC project the Stockholm University created a video tutorial, which shows how to use the Share.TEC portal and how to find interesting educational resources for teaching and learning.

Share.TEC stands for Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community. This 3-year project (2008-2011) is co-funded by the European Community’s eContentPlus programme. Share.TEC is devoted to foster a stronger digital culture in the teacher education field and to support the development of a European-wide perspective among those working in and with the teacher educaton community.

See the Share.TEC trailer on YouTube.
Visit the Share.TEC portal.
See the Introduction to Share.TEC portal (video tutorial).
Visit the Share.TEC project website.


About M. R. Gruber

I am E-Learning-Coordinator and Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, University of Zürich (CH), and lead the KUKUK initiative. I was Assistant Professor at CELSTEC (Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies), Open University of the Netherlands (NL), and guest lecturer at the University of Innsbruck (AT).
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